Wooden "Eco-cabins" for hire

Wooden "Eco-cabins" for hire

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In Marcoussis, in Essonne, three eco-wooden constructions, the "Ecocabanes", are available for short-term rental. Update on these new generation apartments with Joséphine Chevry, ecological builder.

What is the objective pursued with these "Eco-cabins"?

It is initially a rental investment. Having the virus of ecological construction my son and I, we decided to use part of the garden to build three wooden dwellings, furnished and equipped, for rental ranging from a week to a few months. We are located on the hillside and in the forest, in Marcoussis, a very pretty village. There are many development poles in the region and there was therefore potentially a clientele for short-term rental.

What do these three "Eco-cabins" look like?

It is a compact building of 200 m² on the ground, composed of three dwellings - two 2-room apartments and one 4-room apartment - glued to each other, which limits heat loss. We used the technique of wooden boxes, filled with cellulose wadding and wood wool, covered with wooden siding in northern fir. Inside, the insulation is completed with Fermacell, more ecological than BA13.

What about the interior equipment of these "Eco-cabins"?

The "Eco-cabins" are heated by the ground by geothermal energy, with a well 50 meters deep and a water / water heat pump. The land is sloping, the back of the house is also isolated by the ground and then by concrete blocks which constitute a good thermal reserve. The floor is covered with large tiles of good thickness in order to have good inertia. The interior walls are painted with ecological paints. We have installed a good ventilation system, although it is not double-flow ventilation. In the end, these are low-consumption housing.

What other ecological tips do "Eco-cabins" benefit from?

The accommodation is oriented north / south, with just loopholes in the north, sufficient to light the mezzanines, and large bay windows on the south side. Cheeks placed between each accommodation cut the sun in summer which only enters flush with the bays. On the other hand, in winter, the sun enters to the bottom of the huts. We have provided an airlock at the entrance of each accommodation so that the cold does not enter the living room when the front door is opened. Each terrace closes with a roller shutter. The terrace therefore remains accessible in the evening. The "Ecocabanes" also have a small private garden of 35 m², for small cabins, and 80 m² for the largest.

Who are these "Eco-cabins" for hire for?

To anyone needing accommodation for a limited period. It could be a couple or a family waiting for their house to be finished building, engineers on a temporary mission in the region, etc. For now, it is praised well. It is therefore preferable to book in advance.

What is the rental price for "Ecocabanes"?

The two 2-room apartments of 48 m² are rented from 280 to 450 € per week, and the 3-room apartment of 98 m² is rented from 560 to 850 € per week, depending on the rental period. We can ensure the supply of household linen on request, as well as cleaning services. To know more : www.ecocabane.com [email protected] Tel.