Instructions for descaling a dishwasher with white vinegar

Instructions for descaling a dishwasher with white vinegar

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Did you buy a dishwasher a few years ago and have never serviced it before? Have you noticed white marks in your dishes or on freshly washed glasses? Descaling is essential! Laid Azzi, from, explains how to descale a dishwasher without using chemicals.

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How to descale a dishwasher?

To descale a dishwasher without chemicals, you just need to use a very simple remedy: a bottle of white vinegar. This descaler, which is commercially available, provides a clear and streak-free result. To use it properly, open your dishwasher as if you were going to load dishes. Spoon white vinegar all over the inside of the pan, generously. Also place white vinegar in the space provided for the washing system. Leave on for a few minutes for optimal effectiveness. Then start your dishwasher in the normal way, at the highest temperature for a more efficient washing. When the cycle is finished, your dishwasher should be free of traces of lime.

Professional advice

To prevent the dishwasher from becoming dirty again, it is important to repeat this operation regularly. Remember to run your dishwasher with white vinegar about every six months, your appliance will gain in longevity and will be cleaner. Following Laid Azzi's advice, you will find a clean and shiny dishwasher. Watch the video Descale a dishwasher on Produced by Minute Facile.