How to choose a shower curtain?

How to choose a shower curtain?

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Answer: depending on the size of its shower, the material of the curtain and the decoration of its bathroom.

Several criteria are to be taken into account when choosing your shower curtain. First, make sure that the curtain you want to take matches the dimensions of your shower. The material you choose is also important: polyester or cotton shower curtains deteriorate less quickly and hold better than plastic curtains, even if the latter are generally easier to clean. Also be aware that polyester and cotton curtains cost almost double the price of plastic shower curtains. Finally, you will have the choice between a multitude of different patterns: plain, flowery shower curtains, decorated with modern designs, or even sprinkled with small funny texts. There is something for every taste ! Finally, make sure that the pattern you plan to choose is in harmony with the rest of the decoration of your bathroom. You too, send us your brico question