A room like Blair Waldorf from Gossip GIrl

A room like Blair Waldorf from Gossip GIrl

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All the characters from the famous Gossip Girl series live in spacious apartments with their own decor in the rich neighborhood of New York's Upper East Side. Blair Waldorf is the girl who has everything for her: she is beautiful, intelligent, elegant and has great taste. We all dream of leading the same life as her, so let's take an example, at least for her room! We therefore reproduce a room that meets these criteria: "girly", chic and romantic!

Furnish a Gossip Girl Room

For furniture, there are the essentials for a young girl: a large comfortable bed with a multitude of cushions and a dressing room to put all her clothes! Then there are the optional but which are compulsory if you want to look like Blair Waldorf: a padded chaise longue to receive friends or read a book as well as a dressing table to make yourself beautiful and offer a romantic side to your room.

Which colors to choose?

For the colors of the room you can make the same choice as Blair: in blue, beige and powder pink or choose another color as long as it is a pastel color: salmon, yellow, white ... These soft colors and romantic must be present as well on the walls thanks to a pretty wallpaper as on the fabrics of the curtains, the bedspread and the carpets… They must also be used in sophisticated and shiny materials like silk, satin or velvet. To remember : so do not hesitate to use an imposing bed covered with cushions in delicate materials and romantic objects such as mirrors, candles or love books ...


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