Learn how to restore seats

Learn how to restore seats

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For those who dream of restoring an old antique chair on a flea market or a survivor of his family home, Philippe Pubellier offers upholsterer courses for individuals in Puy-en-Velay.

Who is Philippe Pubellier?

Philippe Pubellier started his profession in 1975 in Saint-Etienne. He followed master's degree courses in Lausanne in 1981, was received Compagnon du Devoir du Tour de France in 1982 in Paris where he then worked before moving to Puy-en-Velay in 1984. His passion for the restoration of old style seats is matched only by his need to design more contemporary pieces combining noble materials. He works on many heritage restoration projects. He perfectly masters the traditional techniques essential for stylish furniture and is aimed at both individuals and businesses, especially those in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Seat restoration courses in a real workshop

Philippe Pubellier opens the doors of his own workshop to you and invites you to go a long way with him to discover learning the trade of upholsterer decorator. This artisan's place, with its magnificent wooden frame, bay windows and a dominant view of the valley, offers perfect comfort to trainees to introduce them to the profession of upholsterer. Space, equipment, clarity, well-established courses ... but also professional equipment with a kit of specific tools are loaned to each trainee for the duration of the internship.

Leisure or professional retraining

Companion of the Duty of the Tour de France, he works without the purest tradition of the upholsterer profession and supports the participants during upholsterer internships as part of their leisure but also of a professional retraining. Philippe Pubellier has a trainer number and these professional internships can be part of a D.I.F. for an employee.

Internships around several seat restoration themes

The courses revolve around several themes: upholstery courses in traditional techniques for stylish seats, contemporary techniques for recent seats, advanced courses for people mastering basic techniques ... Nothing is left to chance since carcass internships are planned, allowing the seats to be renovated (gluing, stripping, etc.) and preparing the basis for the work prior to filling. And in order to perfect an interior decor, two lampshade creation courses are on the program. In total, 18 courses of 2 to 6 days are offered.

Board and lodging

For those who wish to stay on site, a charming 15th century house which adjoins Philippe's workshop in the heart of the picturesque village of Cheyrac welcomes trainees. Full board accommodation at the Gîte du Tapissier is available where they will be given the warmest welcome at the table d'hôtes specially open for trainees, with family cuisine based on local products favoring short and organic circuits.

Internship prices

The prices range from 115 € for a one-day course to 600 € for a six-day course. To know more : www.pubellierphilippe.fr


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