Responsible Christmas gifts: instructions

Responsible Christmas gifts: instructions

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What if this year, we chose gifts for our loved ones that allow us to do good deeds? This is possible thanks to the many solidarity signs that offer the possibility of supporting causes by purchasing gifts. Support for children, respect for the planet, commitment to human rights or support for employment: we have selected a few gifts for you to show solidarity.

Unicef ​​gifts

By buying your Christmas gifts on the UNICEF website, you are doing good things for children directly. The solidarity shop will allow you to find your Christmas decorations. By buying Christmas balls, you will allow the purchase of 10 jump ropes. At the foot of the tree, the good deeds continue: for the purchase of a candle you will contribute to the purchase of 100 disposable syringes to vaccinate children. And to start 2013 well, UNICEF is offering calendars that will make it possible to provide care for children in difficulty. All gifts are inexpensive and will not only please your loved ones but will also help disadvantaged children.

WWF animals

To act for the protection of animals at the foot of the tree and teach respect for biodiversity to your children, think of the original WWF gifts. Rather than offering a simple plush toy to your child, offer him the adoption of an endangered animal. For less than 40 euros, you can virtually adopt a panda, a bear or an elephant to preserve its future. And to help your child become aware of the importance of the gesture, you will receive a plush of the adopted animal, a poster and a booklet, an adoption certificate to personalize and a durable adoption bulletin. An original and intelligent gift.

Amnesty International store

To give meaning to your purchases, Amnesty International offers a gift shop which supports the association. In addition to the financial support provided, you will offer gifts from fair trade and sustainable development so that your gifts respect people and nature. You will be able to choose objects bearing the effigy of the association in order to highlight your commitment but you will also find original handcrafted objects such as a cup in recycled paper or paper lanterns.

Gifts to offer work

What if you bought your gifts in a boutique that helps with reintegration? By buying your gifts in the Emmaus or Secours Catholique boutiques, you support job creation and allow people in professional integration to find work.

The solidarity shop

Finally, to make a donation to the association of your choice through a solidarity purchase, the site allows you access to a portal to find all of the committed gifts of your Christmas. You will be able to support Handicap International, Secours Populaire Français or the association Vaincre la Mucoviscidose by buying objects on this site.


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