How to choose between a single flow CMV and a double flow CMV?

How to choose between a single flow CMV and a double flow CMV?

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Answer: depending on your budget and the level of external nuisance.

Single flow CMV is cheaper to install and maintain than double flow CMV. However, it requires air inlets above the windows, which is not always convenient depending on the outside environment and can also cause energy loss. The double-flow VMC is therefore certainly more expensive to install and maintain, but is necessary when the noise and / or olfactory nuisances from the outside make any opening to the outside unlivable on a daily basis. Indeed, the double-flow CMV imports fresh air via pipes, which protects from the inconveniences of the outside environment and limits the risks of intrusion. Note that the double flow CMV is also more ecological than the single flow CMV because it releases less CO2 into the atmosphere. You too, send us your brico question


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