A table decoration, snow white for Christmas

A table decoration, snow white for Christmas

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Christmas is an opportunity to get together with family and share a good meal. And what can go well with good dishes? It is obviously a beautiful presentation, a nice table decoration. To break with the traditional red and green Christmas, we go to white which is the color of snow, of the country of Santa Claus…

Christmas tablecloth and decoration

First, you need a simple white tablecloth that you will install on your table. Then sprinkle it with snow powder and add small white balls to give a snowy atmosphere! You can then add several candle holders to give a warm side to your table with patterns reminiscent of the Christmas party: reindeer, Santa Claus, fir, snowflakes, staying in a white tone ... Do not clutter your table too much, leave the place for the dishes which will be generous!

Tableware and party table

For the dishes, you can take out your most beautiful crystal or glass bowls, transparent or white to stay in our theme. The plates will obviously be assorted: white or transparent like stalactites. And white ivory flatware is highly recommended!Most" : add a menu holder or a name holder with small polar bears for example, as we offer in our selection.


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