Video: treat a fern, some parts of which dry out

Video: treat a fern, some parts of which dry out

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Do you notice that your fern is losing its liveliness? Follow this sequence where Jacques, one of the experts from the Plant Clinic, gives you his advice for treating a fern whose leaves and certain stems are drying out. Follow his analyzes and recommendations carefully, on video.

Question from the user

<< J'ai depuis peu une fougère en pot dans mon bureau qui se sent mal en point. Au début elle était très belle, or à présent certaines feuilles se mettent à jaunir puis se décolorent complètement. Dois-je couper ses parties abîmées ? Est-ce simplement un problème lié à l'arrosage ou a-t-elle une maladie ? Cette plante est dans un grand bureau climatisé avec soleil le matin (Est). Je suis souvent en déplacement, du coup, je l'arrose irrégulièrement, peut-être parfois trop, parfois pas assez. Quels seraient vos conseils ? >>

Watch the video

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Auscultation and diagnosis

The internet user's bad fern is of the asparagus type. It is feathery and its leaves are similar to needles. Although this plant can grow well in a pot on a desk, it sometimes happens that its flowers, or even an entire stem, dry out. This phenomenon is generally due to an excess of water. Too much watering causes partial asphyxiation of the root. When the root is smothered, so is the fern. If there is no saucer, the pot is not suitable for a fern. This system makes it possible to evacuate the water and avoid its stagnation.

Some recommendations

First, in order for a fern to be healthy throughout the year, be careful not to water it too abundantly or too frequently. Admittedly, watering represents a gesture of affection towards the plant, but a glass of water per week is largely sufficient for this plant. Second, you should favor a draining pot lined with a saucer. This equipment is used to recover excess water. Follow these two tips from our expert and your fern will do just fine! You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic!


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