My living room, rattan atmosphere

My living room, rattan atmosphere

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Back after a few years in the shadows, rattan furniture proudly invites itself into the living room. Bench, armchair, stool and even sofa, it offers a new youth. To avoid in total look, unless you want a stay in seaside style, this flexible braided rod accommodates our contemporary interiors. It's your turn to give him a little place at home… and to convince you, take a look at our shopping list.

A discreet chair or stool

Followers of cozy, warm and cozy interiors, quickly adopt a small armchair or rattan stool. With their curves and their airy side, they adapt as one another in any interior. Scandinavian, countryside, contemporary, they have no trouble finding a place for themselves… whatever the style of your stay. The armchair is adorned with one or more graphic cushions and a pretty soft blanket to be in trend. Installed near the library, it is the centerpiece of the reading corner. As for the stool, it can also play the role of a small side table near the sofa.

Sofa option for an assertive look

Since the seaside style is more trendy than ever, we dare it in the living room by adopting a large rattan sofa. Covered with large beige cushions that will serve as a comfortable seat, it brings lightness and radiance. To confirm this delicate and fresh atmosphere, you can accompany it with armchairs in the same style and a few baskets that will take care of the decor once filled.

Baskets take center stage

The woven rattan baskets also know how to adapt to our modern interiors. In addition to being practical storage accessories (we slide our magazines or our remote controls), they are easy to stage to become real decorative elements. Our practical decoration videos of the show