Special soups with our selection of small appliances

Special soups with our selection of small appliances

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The throat that itches painfully, and the mittens that fail to warm your hands while you try to type on your keyboard ... Winter is coming with its share of discomfort ... But there are always nice solutions to fight against these little annoyances! To warm your throat, your hands (and everything else!) And, icing on the cake, to really enjoy being in winter, what do you say about a good soup?

A robot to do everything

For this, you no longer need to go to the local supermarket to buy a ready-made soup whose taste will disappoint you ... No more need no more than 5 appliances to make a simple soup, or even elbow grease to mix all the vegetables in your steamer basket ... Now, the heated blenders, also called "soup maker", allow you to make delicious soups at home and with vegetables from your vegetable patch. In less than 30 minutes, they are ready without even having to monitor the cooking.

Soups for all tastes

All major household appliance brands have released their models with options and accessories that will make your life easier: programming of temperatures, cooking time, autoclean function, steam cooking (with integrated basket), keeping warm ... In short, you prefer your soups which are grilled, velvety or with pieces, none will resist these little robots! And of course, when the winter season is over and you want other things to taste, these blenders will allow you to make many other liquid culinary preparations: sauces, coulis, compotes, smoothies, milshakes and whatnot again…