Rowenta Compact Force Cyclonic, the vacuum cleaner small, small, small

Rowenta Compact Force Cyclonic, the vacuum cleaner small, small, small

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I took a little guy called Rowenta Compact Force Cyclonique home. Its name is as long as its size is small! I took her measurements because I couldn't believe my eyes. It was 29.2 cm long and 24.4 cm wide. I told myself that it was a little light, besides it weighed only 4.4 kg.
At the same time, he had not come alone either. All his gang had returned and with him, I can say that the aspiration was not dragging.
He taped me with his friends on the quality of work and then with his recycling bin located right in front, at hand, I quickly got rid of all the awful dust that I had accumulated. He got me this minus with his 900 W, I thought he was going to take it easy but in truth, he spoiled!
Finally, the icing on the cake, is that in addition I found it beautiful this petiot!

Advantages of the device

- Its compact body, really easy to store. - Its many accessories: Delta parquet nozzle, Turbobrosse, crevice nozzle, furniture nozzle and furniture brush. - Its collecting tank, very easy to access and very easy to empty. - Its power: I felt physically hanging on the ground. And therefore its effectiveness: a passage just after having already passed with my old vacuum cleaner proved to me that in reality my floor was not so well vacuumed! - Its maintenance: cleaning of the filters every 6 months. - Its attractive price for quality and power.

Cons of the device

- If the body is very compact, the same cannot be said of the telescopic handle and as it is supplied with many accessories, it is still necessary to provide space to store everything. - The automatic cord winder that I found a little weak. - The capacity of the collecting tank of one liter, insufficient for large areas. The brand wanted us to create a short video to show you the mini and cute look of the device. You had to be original so you will not have the "serious" demonstration of usual but rather a suggestion on the compact size of this vacuum cleaner, at least that's what I tried to convey as an idea (but we agree, my name is not Coppola).

And for your information (important!), If this article is the most commented among the other articles participating in this campaign, then I would be able to make you win this vacuum cleaner and one of you will also spend his time searching where he put it. So, your comments! Rowenta, Compact Force Cyclonic, RO7845, € 259