Video: illuminate your headboard by attaching sconces

Video: illuminate your headboard by attaching sconces

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To see clearly when you read in the evening or to have mood lighting after dark, nothing beats bedside lights that you can turn on without even having to leave the duvet. But there is even better: the luminous headboard with integrated sconces. Discover our step-by-step to make it yourself!

Watch the video :

Level: way Completion time : 1:30 Indicative cost: 29 € Necessary material : your old headboard + 2 mottled sconces + fleece + fabric and linen

Steps :

- Place the fleece on the headboard and staple it to the back of the headboard - Arrange the linen fabric on the headboard - Also staple it by pulling it well - Draw 2 markers 25 cm from the top and on one side of the headboard and place a sconce to note its future location - Draw marks on the other side of the headboard at the same measurements - Drill a hole between the 2 marks - Place a sconce and screw -The - Proceed in the same way for the second wall lamp - Pass the electrical system through the drilled hole and screw it - Screw the bulbs - Cut the bottom of the lampshades by 5 cm to adapt them to the size of the wall lamps - Cut pieces of fabric to the dimensions of the lampshades - Glue a lampshade with spray glue - And partially cover it with fabric - Proceed in the same way with the other lampshades and place them on the appliques The decor idea: you can replace the wall lights integrated into the headboard with light strips… Shopping: Stockholm throw, IKEA Dagny cushion, IKEA Linblomma duvet cover, IKEA