How to display a building permit?

How to display a building permit?

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Answer: using a specific sign.

If you obtain a building permit, you are required by law to post this permit. Displaying the building permit allows you to identify yourself with the neighborhood and demonstrate that you have the necessary permits. Posting is regulated by law. On the displayed panel must appear the name of the beneficiary, the number of the building permit, the date of obtaining the permit, the address where the file can be consulted, the surface area, the SHON surface, the nature of the work and the height of the project. The panel must have dimensions greater than 80 centimeters. They can be found at any supplier of building materials. It must be posted upon obtaining the building permit. The sign must be visible from the public highway, and you must keep it until the end of the work. The ideal way to avoid any litigation is to have the posting confirmed by a bailiff from the first day. You too, send us your DIY question.


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