, a small e-shop for unusual decorative objects, a small e-shop for unusual decorative objects

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Comic bubbles as a coat rack, cubes disguised as mugs or tennis rackets diverted in a mirror: this is what kind of decorative object can be found on the site You understood, surfing this online store requires an interest in the unusual and all these little things, a bit wacky, which make the decor more cheerful and more surprising. Discovery.

For the little story…

Launched over a year and a half ago, at the beginning of 2011, the website or online store offers an informed selection of decorative objects cultivating originality and wacky design, all drawn from small start-ups or chosen from better known brands. That's good. Like its founder Valérie Conrot, at the editorial office of, we too have a weakness for small, slightly absurd things that inject a dose of humor into the house!

For the love of funny and eccentric decorative pieces

And in fact, what do you find as a style of unusual objects on It starts with stickers to decorate the switches, it continues with coat racks to customize photo frames, it gets harder with plant pots in bags or a lamp to mount at home and it has fun with place mats for child coloring. We will add two favorites: a slate-style cushion to write messages and mug-shaped shadows, perfect for our tea breaks! So if you are unusual, go to: // /!