Video: changing the blade of a cutter

Video: changing the blade of a cutter

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Slowly but surely, your cutter loses its effectiveness ... What if it was time to change the blade? Laid Azzi, from, explains the procedure for changing a cutter blade while respecting the essential safety instructions.

Watch the video :How to change the blade of a cutter? To change the blade of a cutter, you must first remove the old blade. To do this, simply remove the plug located at the bottom of the blade, on the lower part of the cutter. Even if each cutter has its own function and its peculiarities, the blade change is generally always carried out in the same way. Once the old blade is removed, carefully grasp the new blade, then insert it into the space provided. Then position the plastic piece used to remove the blade, taking care to make the pin coincide with the hole on the blade. Finish by attaching the plug to the end of the blade, then check that the blade is properly in place by trying to pull it out, as if you wanted to use the cutter.Essential safety rules The cutter is a dangerous object. In no case should it be handled by children, as the very sharp blade can quickly cause accidents. To prevent the danger, always store the cutter in a secure place, out of the reach of children. By following Laid Azzi's explanations, you will find a ready-to-use cutter, while limiting the risk of accident. Watch the video Changing the blade of a cutter on Produced by Minute Facile.


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