3 good reasons to adopt the skull motif

3 good reasons to adopt the skull motif

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Okay, Halloween is galloping, but it's not the only good reason to stock up on "skull" decorative patterns! We have identified 3 other, much more relevant reasons…

It's trendy

The "skull" patterns are everywhere. In fashion, accessories, clothes and shoes are snatching up. In decoration, it's almost the same. They can be found both on the latest textile collections (Skull cushion from But or Skull carpet from Fly) as well as in "decorative object" version (transparent, red or chrome skull at Fleux) or even in the new "wall coverings" (skull stencil from Maison Décorative or skulls wallpaper from Castorama). There is nothing to do, the emblem which was once that of pirates is at the top of the trend. So not to miss out, the only solution is to adopt it urgently!

It's rock

Second reason to fall for the "skull" patterns? They reveal a very rock and quirky note in our interior. And for good reason, these patterns have become the best ally of young and rebellious atmospheres and perhaps the best symbol of rebel atmospheres! It is therefore not a surprise if the first amateurs are none other than teenagers…

It is in the spirit "cabinet of curiosities"

Not only are the "skull and crossbones" patterns trendy and rebellious, but in addition, they ideally fit into one of the most fashionable styles of the moment, that of cabinets of curiosities. Indeed, to perfect an unusual decor like a new mini museum, nothing like a stuffed animal, shells, seagrass ... and patterns of skulls and skeletons!


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