Triangles and diamonds for retro decor

Triangles and diamonds for retro decor

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For some time now, our interiors seem to have taken a close interest in geometry. Triangles and diamonds are installed on decorative objects to give them a deliciously retro look. Graphic and original, we immediately adopt this motif with our decorating tips!

The triangle boom

Geometric motif in the 1950s with high decorative potential, the triangle reappears in decoration with the retro trend. Brands use it to give a graphic air to their object while keeping a certain sobriety and a modernized classic spirit. We find the triangle in color games that highlight its geometric shapes like black and white for a vivid contrast or pastel colors to create a shade of softness. Bed linen and other household linen, decorative accessories… everything goes in triangle mode until sometimes creating diamonds.

How to use triangles and diamonds in the decoration?

Contrary to what one might think, the triangle pattern is not that difficult to use. Indeed, it will find its place in a retro decor for its evocation of the 50s, in a classic decoration to give it a little pep's or even in a design decor for a fairly graphic style. Anyway, we will use it by keys to avoid overloading the space. The ideal is to opt for a cushion or a plaid on a slightly wise sofa or dishes to brighten the table. The most daring can even try the strip of wallpaper!