Animals in decoration are trendy!

Animals in decoration are trendy!

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Since the start of the school year, the animals have not stopped populating the decor. But between a chic bestiary style or a walk in the forest, you will have to decide!

Curiosity cabinet style

Designer, artist, decorator, scenographer and creator of 2012 "interior scenes", Hubert Le Gall presented, at the beginning of September, in the latest edition of Maison & Objet, a retrospective in the form of a chic and imaginary bestiary. Upholstered armchair with elegant rabbit ears, mirrors in the shape of drops of water, bird cage as fanciful as excessive, sculptural buffalo head and decorative fish seemed to dictate a more sophisticated definition of the style "cabinet of curiosity". The trend of the season is set. A little eccentric, it draws its inspiration from the animal world: deer trophies, bird statuettes, stuffed owls or framed butterflies are its best allies. Accumulated on a chest of drawers or on a section of the house wall, they create a surprising decoration that will amaze the gallery! As much as each one personalizes it in its own way thanks to the choice of animals according to the desired atmosphere: seaside, poetic, fawn ...

Nature style

If the cabinet of curiosities keeps getting noticed, another "animal" trend, concentrated on forest animals, follows closely. And for good reason, who does not dream of going back to nature and long walks in the woods when autumn knocks on the door? Yes, it's time to invite rabbits, owls, foxes and deer to our homes! In the form of prints covering the curtains and cushions, in the form of objects such as a vase or a lamp base, or in the form of wall decoration thanks to a strip of wallpaper, stickers or a decorative painting their image, we gladly let them hibernate in the house. This is a tribute to nature interpreted otherwise than with raw wood, this is a decorative way to make fall his favorite season…


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