2 in 1 appliances

2 in 1 appliances

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If you need to save space at home but do not want to cut corners on your comfort, consider 2 in 1 appliances. Today, appliance manufacturers compete in terms of daring and ingenuity to create innovative devices capable of meeting many of our needs. Discover in detail these products that make our life easier without cluttering us.

In the kitchen

For culinary preparations, the 2-in-1 appliance has almost become compulsory. With the fashion for home-made, many devices have emerged or have seen a revival of interest but our kitchen shelves are not extendable, they had to adapt. Today the yogurt maker can also prepare fresh cheeses or dairy desserts, the blender is able to cook the preparations for making soups. Finally, seasonal devices such as the raclette, fondue or plancha are available with several functions to become truly essential.

In house maintenance

For household chores, the 2-in-1 appliance is a great help because it allows you to use only one device to end several chores. This is the case, for example, of the washer-dryer since you can run the washing and drying programs. Vacuums have also evolved in this area: today there are stick vacuums that transform into hand vacuums to gain efficiency. And for those who have a significant need for space, they can count on ingenious stoves incorporating a dishwasher.