Kinetic patterns for amazing decoration effect

Kinetic patterns for amazing decoration effect

When the house is inspired by artistic trends, the decor takes on an original appearance. This season, the patterns offer hallucinatory optical effects by taking up the characteristics of kinetic art and art optics. Zoom on this new trend.

What is kinetic art and optical art?

Kinetic art presents works that highlight movement. If these can be produced by the wind or a mechanical action, in the 50s it is the contrast of black and white which will allow to animate the works with the viewer who participates thanks to the retinal persistence. In the 1960s, op art also exploited illusions and optical games. Thanks to checkerboard shapes, hellish spirals or other hypnotic shapes and a color contrast, the work seems to move.

Kinetic patterns in the home

In the house, the patterns that give the impression that the surface is in motion are installed both on the wallpaper to create a moving wall and on the furniture to give them originality or decorative objects for illusions of optics in small doses. Of course, you can opt for tables that will put forward kinetic patterns and set the tone for your decor. And to give a general atmosphere, do not hesitate to bet on a black / white color contrast. For example, opt for a composition of checkered coffee tables. Finally, place some decorative objects like a fruit bowl in the shape of a spiral or a jar which sports cubes which give the impression of being in several dimensions.