Poltrona Frau: 100 years of Italian excellence

Poltrona Frau: 100 years of Italian excellence

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Poltrona Frau has been setting its mark all over the world for almost a century: from the Italian armchair to the classic Chesterfield or the car seat with an impeccable finish, each room imagined by the Mediterranean brand has comfort and unique lines. Poltrona (head office in French) Frau (named after its founder Renzo Frau) has 100 years of history, during which it refined its traditional know-how and its mastery of leather. His birthday is the occasion of unique festivities, punctuated by the publication of a book, the opening of a design competition to launch the "centenary armchair", and the creation of the first Poltrona Frau museum in Tolentino in Italy. Back on a flawless course.

A little history

It was in 1912 - a carefree period before the First World War - that the story of Poltrona Frau began. Renzo Frau, a young Piedmontese entrepreneur, founded in Turin that year a company of hand-sewn sofas and armchairs. Precious materials, handpicked craftsmen, inspired lines ... The Poltrona Frau creations quickly spread the word and the company experienced its first success: the Chester. Praised by the owners of English country houses, this padded armchair with low seat is synonymous with comfort and rest. Today centenary, the Poltrona Frau Chester is still produced by the Italian brand and now available in multiple colors, from the traditional taupe to punchy yellow. From the 60s, the company will call upon the great designers to enrich its catalog. The bestsellers are gradually becoming a legend, and the Contracts activity begins 20 years later. By carrying out the upholstery of prestige cars, the first class armchairs of the largest airlines or even the seats of unique places (the Strasbourg parliament, the Disney Concert hall in Los Angeles or the Milan stock exchange!), The Italian firm adds new strings to his bow and builds his world renown. The 2000s were devoted to the takeover of prestigious groups (Cappellini, Cassina, etc.) and to various alliances. Poltrona Frau is preparing its future today, which promises to be as exciting as the centenary just passed ...

An eclectic catalog

If Poltrona Frau is above all known for its seats with an incomparable finish, it nevertheless offers a complete catalog, from the office accessory to the coffee table, the bed or the dining room. We obviously find the reissues of the pieces that contributed to the success of the brand: the Chester, the Vanity Fair and the Dezza, to name a few. The centenary armchair, elected by a prestigious jury, will be presented in a limited edition at the next Furniture Fair. Case to follow…