How to unclog a pipe with a high pressure cleaner?

How to unclog a pipe with a high pressure cleaner?

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Answer: equip your pressure washer with a ferret and a nozzle

Sinks do not remove certain dirt, such as hair or soap, well. Once accumulated, they form a plug preventing water from flowing. The high pressure cleaner eliminates these plugs and avoids the costly intervention of a plumber. This very effective tool projects water under pressure, which can easily reach blocked pipes. Equipped with a flexible ferret and a drain nozzle, the high pressure cleaner acts simply to unclog the pipes. Thanks to these two tools, the progression in the pipelines takes place quickly and the clusters are not long in being taken by storm. If you have attempted to unclog your sink with chemicals, beware of the risk of skin contact when unclogging. The price of the pressure washer is quite variable, the nozzle and the ferret can be purchased separately.