What is a giraffe sander?

What is a giraffe sander?

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Answer: Giraffe sander, a sander equipped with arms

Sanding walls and ceilings is hard work. The giraffe sander allows you to access certain surfaces in height. The giraffe sander is a sander whose eccentric orbit is mounted on an extension crank. The latter makes it possible to carry out work at height and on large surfaces. The giraffe sander is also known as a "telescopic arm sander". It allows in particular to obtain a clear and precise rendering. The giraffe sander is equipped with an orbital mechanism, an adjustable sanding platform, a suction device and finally a protection intended for the electric motor, often exposed to plaster residues. The telescopic sander is a fairly bulky tool, but practical to handle. It is used on floors, but also ceilings and other wall surfaces. Its main advantage is to perfect the finishes of the plates and plate joints. You too, send us your brico question