How to calculate the quantity of fuel oil remaining in a tank?

How to calculate the quantity of fuel oil remaining in a tank?

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Answer: by measuring the height of fuel oil remaining in the tank and by calculating the volume remaining in relation to the overall volume.

Calculating the amount of fuel remaining in a tank is a real mathematical problem of the end of college level! You will first need to measure the height of the fuel oil remaining in your tank. Refer to the gauge or, if your tank does not have one, use a rigid meter that you will immerse in the tank ... especially without letting go. Then bring out your old geometry lessons in order to calculate the volume of this remaining, compared to the overall volume of your tank ... It depends of course on the shape of your tank: cylindrical, oval, cubic ... Once you have calculated the volume of your remaining fuel oil and you will have that of your tank - normally, you must know the latter - you will have to calculate the difference. Get your calculators… and good luck! You too, send us your brico question


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