In drawing: customize your cushions with the textile transfer technique

In drawing: customize your cushions with the textile transfer technique

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If you want to customize your cushion covers, your t-shirts or some other item in the news: 739845 fabric, without complicating your life, there is a really effective technique that you will have no trouble putting in work and which will guarantee you a very nice result. No sewing, no painting, just the almost miraculous technique of transfer to textile. Whether old vintage illustrations unearthed in flea markets, your own budding artist creations or royalty-free logos found on the Internet, all the designs, illustrations, logos or even writings that you like can become the motifs of your textile objects, from the moment when your fabrics are composed of a large part of cotton. The technique in itself is very simple, you will just have to be very rigorous in terms of instructions to obtain a nice result and keep it for a long time (so respect the washing instructions). You will also need to be suitably equipped with: - transfer sheets on news: 739845 fabric, for light or dark fabrics depending on your case, - an iron, - a wooden board to put on the table, - a computer and a good quality printer, - a scanner (for your illustrations if they are not on your computer), - your drawings, illustrations, logos, writings to transfer, - your fabrics to customize.

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