What are the standards for VMC?

What are the standards for VMC?

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Answer: an aeration system is compulsory in all homes and must operate continuously.

All homes must have a ventilation system, whether it be a CMV or other. It is imperative to provide all the main rooms with air inlets, while the air outlets must be in the service rooms. The authorized air flows are highly codified and depend on the number of rooms in the accommodation, they are available in articles 3 and 4 of the decree of March 24, 1982. The VMC must operate continuously, it cannot be connected to a switch and must have a direct connection to the housing distribution board. The line between the motors and the switchboard must be protected by a high sensitivity device of 30 mA. You must plan the bottom of the doors to leave a passage for the air flow, 2 cm. The extractor mouth of the kitchen must be at least 125 mm in diameter, while those of the other rooms are at least 80 mm. You too, send us your brico question


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