What are the mandatory devices for swimming pool security?

What are the mandatory devices for swimming pool security?

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Answer: four safety devices to choose from are available.

All swimming pools, private for individual or collective outdoor use, with buried or semi-buried pool, are concerned. Owners must install one of the following four devices, provided for by decree n ° 2004-499. "Protective barriers: so as to prevent the passage of a child under the age of five who is not accompanied by an adult .... Cover to prevent the fall of a child under the age of five and resist the crossing of an adult ... Alarm with siren that cannot be activated or deactivated by a young child. " Finally, "shelter which, once closed, must make it impossible for a child under the age of five to access water". It is up to the owner to verify that the system with which he chooses to fit is in compliance with the safety standards in force. Please note: there is no safety device to replace the active supervision of an adult around the pool. You can also send us your DIY question.


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