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. AQUARYL MAT : Unikalo brand paint, matt appearance based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase for walls and ceilings. Available in more than 50,000 shades. Good filling power, Excellent Green Zone and Ecolabel certified. The manufacturer: Unikalo, an independent French manufacturer of building paints since 1936. Complete ranges of building paints, eco-label paints, lacquers, stains, paints and decorative coatings Karactere. SCSO Unikalo // 18 rue du Meilleur Ouvrier de France - Z.I. de l'hippodrome - 33700 Mérignac - Tel. : For any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at: [email protected] Resellers: Contact us by email: [email protected]


. Heritage parquet Heritage, with its small width blades, offers a choice of trendy oaks and a choice of exotic woods. with a high resistance varnished finish. Monolame Heritage parquet is the ideal collection for small spaces. Heritage, with its narrow width, offers a choice of trendy oaks and a choice of exotic woods. It has a high resistance Ultimtec varnish. The installation of Heritage parquet is ultra-fast with the BestLoc X-trème installation system, laying flat without tools or glue. Monolame Heritage parquet is the ideal collection for small spaces. Berry wood sas La Parqueterie, RN 144 F - 03360 Meaulne Tel .: +33 (0) 4 70 08 15 49 Fax: +33 (0) 4 70 08 15 02 Mob .: +33 (0) 6 15 28 11 74 corinne.verges @ insulation by sprayed polyurethane foam Application: insulation of floors, walls, ceilings, roofing, crawl spaces Our applicators sprayed polyurethane foam on the floor to catch up with the level. The product dries in seconds and can be covered in 24 hours. It is very light, and is used most of the time on the floor for heated floors and on walls, to obtain the BBC and RT 2012 labels. SYNERSOL More than 40 trucks in Paris and throughout France. Scandinavian chocolate carpet MY BEAUTIFUL MAT @: [email protected] Postal address: Deco B to C, 13 rue des Sablons, 45140 Ormes Tel:

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. Pellet stove - CAP: Pellet stove with a minimalist design thanks to the absence of front vents; it has an upper aluminum grille, a structure in two-tone lacquered steel in black and bronze colors. Fireplace in black Alutec. Products with the STILL technology have been designed to eliminate all internal sources of noise or vibration, for complete silence. The heat is transmitted by natural convection: the hot air rises in the stove and diffuses in a uniform and natural way in the room. The pellet flame also becomes beautiful to look at. The brazier is narrow and elongated and the pellets are distributed evenly. The flame of the pellets thus approaches the sweetness and magic of the wood fire. MCZ MCZ pellet stove installer VIPPE mail: [email protected] Telephone: 09 81 48 46 70 2 electric heaters Acova Fassane Premium horizontal TVXD (horizontal flat tubes) black quartz shade When it comes to electric heating, the radiators are often white. Acova offers a wide choice of colors (50 shades) on all its ranges, which follow your desires and places the radiator at the heart of the interior decoration of the home. To integrate into the decoration of the living room, kitchen and parents' bedroom, the Acova Fassane Premium horizontal models (with vertical or horizontal elements) in Black Quartz and Chocolate Brown finish were chosen. The very slightly sandblasted texture of the "Black Quartz" color is soft and pleasant to the touch. This shade, with shiny micro particles, combines elegance and refinement offering the radiator a timeless sophistication. Acova Fassane Premium horizontal electric heaters operate on the principle of fluid circulation (100% recyclable mineral oil which requires no maintenance). An electrical resistance, housed in the heating body, heats the fluid contained in the radiator. This principle offers unique comfort, identical to that of central heating. They provide a soft, natural and enveloping warmth. Compact in size, the Acova Fassane Premium horizontal radiators offer a large capacity of inertia and radiation, an ideal solution for renovations! Ergonomic and positioned within easy reach, the regulation with digital display makes it easier to adjust and read the temperature. This intelligent regulation, made up of a programmable electronic room thermostat, provides great fine-tuning, allows the set temperature to be maintained taking into account the inertia of the radiator and contributes to reducing energy consumption. Easy to use and maintenance-free, Acova radiators are fitted with a double anti-corrosion coating for perfect resistance to humidity and preserved air quality. ACOVA Customer service for individuals: 08 90 71 01 30


. SWAL carried out the monumental stretch fabric from the parents' room with a magnificent chocolate-colored suede. Warm effect guaranteed! SWAL Tel: 04 50 67 78 40 Mail: [email protected] The manufacturer's website: Iseult elm mirror 210x160 TIKAMOON [email protected] 0 805 69 69 02 Pictures tables: 2157: Little girl in 1934 © L'Illustration / La Photofactory 514: Kindergarten © L'Illustration / La Photofactory 9578: Man and child fed pigeons. London © Gaston Paris / Roger Viollet for La Phofofactory 3014: "How does a telephone work?", London © La Photofactory 4042: Storage of the trunk before going on vacation. © L'Illsutration / La Photofactory THE PHOTOFACTORY From prestigious archives such as that of Illustration, La Photofactory offers a wide choice of black and white photos, sepia and some color photographs drawn on silver paper and carefully framed. Do not hesitate to consult the complete collection: Matching "Baroque" frames (ref 22825) TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux Printing and undercoating AQUARYL PRIMO: Universal printing based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase. O2MAT mural: Unikalo brand paint, for neat decoration with a very taut matt appearance. Available in more than 50,000 shades. Resistance to polishing superior to traditional matt paints, no recovery. Ecolabel and Excell green zone certified. Colors produced for the show: (in O2MAT) LINLIN, SOURICETTE The manufacturer: Unikalo, independent French manufacturer of building paint since 1936. Complete ranges of building paints, eco-label paints, lacquers, stains, paints and decorative coatings Karactere. SCSO Unikalo // 18 rue du Meilleur Ouvrier de France - Z.I. de l'hippodrome - 33700 Mérignac - Tel. : For any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at: [email protected] Resellers: Contact us by email: [email protected]


. 1 JARRY mattress in 158 x 198 -100% perforated latex 1 Upholsterer in 158 x 198 x 12 Tano NATION BEDDING Nation Literie, Artisan Litier since 1946, designs and manufactures high-end bedding in Picardy. Mattress, box spring, bed frame, headboard, trundle bed, trunk bed and much more. All products are made with noble materials: solid wood, editor fabric, natural materials. In classic or custom sizes. You can find all the products in the 8 Nation Literie stores in Paris and the Paris region. Florentine smock polycotton duvet cover A duvet cover with sublime smocks on a soft and easy-care polycotton! Tertio polycotton 1 or 2 person fitted sheet Elegant and very easy to maintain, the polycotton is easily washed, dries very quickly and does not require ironing. We love this plain fitted sheet! Florentine white polycotton pillowcase Pillowcases with sublime smocks on a soft and easy-care polycotton! 3 SWISS The "Lynx Fur" plaid café au lait, as my name suggests I am an imitation of the fur of a lynx in 100% polyester, and my café au lait color makes me irresistible! I am very sweet and very warm, so see you very soon! Find me here [email protected] Natural duvet The BAMBOO green Label duvet brings a natural and vegetal note by using advanced technologies for an irreproachable product quality. You have the assurance of sweet and comfortable nights. • Soft, light, warm and swelling • Fabric cover that absorbs moisture (bamboo) with a very soft touch and "Clouds" stitching • 50% viscose bamboo and 50% Cotton cover. • Filling: 80% bamboo, 20% polyester • Washable at 40 ° This Green Label BAMBOO duvet is available in 3 weights to adapt to the seasons or the average temperature of your room (warm, temperate, cold) Pillows & Bolsters This Green Label® pillow from Esprit Zen is composed of: - Filling: 60% bamboo microfiber, 40% HCS polyester - Cover: High-end bamboo and cotton percale Bamboo fiber or viscose has superior technical qualities cotton: 4 times more absorbent, as soft as silk, extremely fine, it is also recognized for its antibacterial properties. This pillow will assure you comfortable and soft nights and superior hygiene. Its envelope absorbs moisture its touch is very soft We advise you to wrap it with a pillowcase 100% organic cotton. See the product. Also available in 65 x 65 cm Length: 50 cm Width: 70 cm Care instructions: Machine wash delicate program at 40 ° max, natural drying or tumble dryer delicate program For photos // /liste_rayons.cfm ZEN SPIRIT


. IDI ACTUALITY interior door, rosewood finish, The most produced: • invisible hinges • magnetic lock • aluminum inserts • opening 44 mm thick Available as standard with European standards, made to measure, in renovation on existing frame. Visit our website // or contact us at: 09 67 07 07 21 The New Generation of VELUX Roof Windows With its exceptional insulation capabilities (VELUX ThermoTechnologyTM) and its optimal light transmission, the New Generation of VELUX windows is a benchmark in terms of energy saving and comfort under the roof. Multiplying innovations, combining contemporary design and ease of use, it offers rooms that are always well tempered, bright, with a healthy atmosphere for an impression of space and unprecedented serenity. Motorized roof window VELUX INTEGRA® New Generation / Comfortable glazing Much more than an electric window, the VELUX INTEGRA® New Generation window is the ideal window for keeping a house well ventilated, regulating the temperature all year round, securing during your holidays or simply making your daily life easier. The plus: its new intuitive and easy-to-use touch control. Its screen and its ergonomic functions allow this mini tablet to manage 8 programs remotely. These already recorded programs control the window and its equipment for you for more comfort and in the event of a shower, the rain sensor automatically closes the window at the first drops. The VELUX INTEGRA® window New Generation considerably optimizes the comfort in the living rooms thanks to a greater contribution of light due to a glazed surface enlarged by 10%. It also has exceptional insulation qualities, in particular thanks to its patented VELUX ThermoTechnology ™ system which reduces thermal bridges. This window finally offers the latest advances in technology thanks to its All Comfort glazing, which meets the highest demands in terms of thermal insulation in summer / winter and is equipped with the ABP system (anti-rain noise) which divides the noise. rain impact by 2 for more silence in the room in rainy weather. Its standard laminated glazing guarantees a level of security comparable to that of a car windshield and the "Clear & Net" system from which it benefits reduces the frequency of cleaning. White finish Dimensions: 78 x 98 cm (dimensional code MK04) EDJ New Generation concealed fitting The sealing connection makes the link between the roof window and the roof. It guarantees total tightness and must be installed at the same time as the window. A recessed fitting allows to favor a harmonious integration on the roof and to reinforce the insulation capacities of the window. New Generation fittings offer a recess from 20 ° slope, for tiles and slates. Single window fitting for recessed installation on tiles up to 90 mm in relief (EDJ) DKL blackout interior blind VELUX blackout blinds guarantee optimal darkness day and night, thanks to their 100% polyester canvas, reinforced on the back with an aluminum film which repels UV rays. No risk of seeing the colors fade over time since these blinds benefit from an exclusive anti-discoloration system of the canvas. Provided with a maneuver bar and profiles with refined bevelled corners, they integrate discreetly into the window and harmonize with all interiors thanks to a choice from a range of more than 40 colors. And thanks to the exclusive Pick & Click! ® system, these interior blinds can be installed in a few minutes! Beige color (1085) VELUX The VELUX group aims to improve the living environment through the entry of natural light and fresh air through the roof. Its product range includes a wide variety of roof windows, solutions for flat roofs, natural light ducts. VELUX also offers numerous equipment, roller shutters, interior and exterior blinds, motorized controls to freely modulate the light. Close to the environment, VELUX is investing in the energy field with solar thermal collectors. The VELUX brand is one of the biggest brands in the building industry and its products are sold almost everywhere in the world. VELUX roof windows were installed by MDC CONFORT PVC, ALUMINUM, WOOD windows - Entrance doors - Hinged or rolling shutters - Garage doors - Gates and fences - Velux windows - Insulation in the attic… Monsieur De Carvalho MDC COMFORT 91 rue du Polygone 45 770 SARAN Mail: [email protected] Tel: 06 24 97 64 28 Site:


. 2 OPIUM nightstands 2 teak drawers Homemade LOTUSEA Console table with 2 drawers in sheathed leather with chiseled top Interior lined with felt. Fully manual work of excellent quality. Dimensions L120 x W50 x H85 Magnificent product from our new range of wood-clad wooden furniture CASASUD DECO Address: Les 4 Routes Zone d'Activités Artisanales, 14430 ANNEBAULT Tel: 06 66 48 58 17 Email address: [email protected] Website:
6-drawer chest, black ash color GOAL, 255 stores throughout France Information and orders by phone, Monday to Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., 0892 70 10 77 (€ 0.34 / min) PRESTON armchair in natural linen With its caned armrests and natural linen, the PRESTON design armchair revisits the Louis XVI style with elegance and modernity. MILIBOO 324 route des Vernes 74370 PRINGY tel: 08 05 14 44 44 mail: [email protected] GOA canopy bed HOUSES OF THE WORLD Natural gray end table sofa (ref 23825) TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux


. XL smoked gray antique patinated lamp base 2 Duck patinated acanthus lamp base FAMILY COUNTER Comptoir de Famille's website: // 5-light metal chandelier, fitted with a matching painted metal pavilion SYMPHONIE 5L. Dimensions: D52 / H50cm. 5xE14 / 5x40W incandescent max. Color: rust High conical cotton shade. Dimensions: H11 / D12cm pliers Color: hemp and cream Also available in off-white, cement, mouse, slate, royal blue, fig, marshmallow, cherry and black. French made COREP company creator and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. Manufacturer of French lampshades in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. More information on LAMP Large old lamp base in turned wood patinated in black and greige. Waxed finish with black pigments for aging effect. An old clock cartridge adorns the base for a touch of authenticity. The lampshade was made of pure natural linen with a graphic montage on linen in medallion for the vintage touch "chic decor" link to the LE GRENIER DE LYDIA shop: THE ATTIC OF LYDIA In a world of charming and flea market decoration, transform furniture and objects, give them a new life thanks to the work of material and color, and above all make each of them a unique piece ... For several years, Lydia you offers different services: on family furniture that you want to customize to your taste, to your new decoration. She will take charge of your furniture or intervene at your home, for a kitchen makeover for example // You can also ask him to hunt for furniture and skate it in his workshop. Lydia is also an interior decorator and can accompany you for the transformation of a room or the whole of your living space, to create a harmony in accordance with your personality. The patinas are made with ingredients of natural origin and according to traditional methods. The colors are customizable at will, the finishes are multiple, matt, waxed, satin, glazed ... In the shop, you can hunt for original and customizable pieces: lamps, chandeliers, small decorative pieces ... Finally, you can discover the many patina techniques, craft recipes for making paints during workshop workshops organized every month in the Paris region! Do not hesitate to push the door of the Attic and to discover this universe… THE ATTIC OF LYDIA // [email protected]


. "Saigon" lantern (ref 22346) TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux Bougies PARTYLITE


. JETROCK, stone wool to blow - JETROCK is a product of insulation in rock wool for the roofs lost by the technique of mechanized blowing - Insulating your roofs with this product allows you to reduce your heating expenses by 30% knowing that the first source of heat loss from a house is the roof. - On a light ceiling, the mechanized blowing technique is widely adapted for its speed of implementation: - no cutting, - no falling, - no handling of the product in the roof space, - On heavy ceiling characterized by a flat floor, it remains adapted. This technique also makes it possible to obtain the highest level of insulation for life because it is always possible to come and add additional insulation in rock wool even several years later in order to follow the recommendations for saving energy. 'energy. The implementation of this technique is dictated by the technical advice of the product. - JETROCK makes you benefit from all the tax advantages in force. o Tax credit * o Zero rate loan o 5.5% VAT for renovation EASYROCK 200mm The EASYROCK roll is an insulating rock wool roll coated with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier. EASYROCK is perfectly suited for insulating fitted roof spaces, with installation in a horizontal direction (perpendicular to the rafters). The most: - performance in thermal and acoustic insulation - simplicity of installation: super practical, it takes place in the blink of an eye! Rock wool is a healthy and natural material because it is made up of 97% volcanic rock: basalt. It has been used and proven for over 70 years to insulate all types of buildings, inside or outside, whether walls, roofs, roof spaces, chimney or heating flues. It is a thermal and acoustic insulator but which also ensures great fire safety because, by its nature, it is non-combustible. It is a stable material over time, ecological and infinitely recyclable. Rockwool All Rockwool products are available in DIY stores and professional building brands. Find all the information on the product and its implementation on Our contact details: ROCKWOOL - 111 rue du château des Rentiers - 75013 Paris. Tel: 01 40 77 82 82 - Fax: 01 45 86 80 75


. With the white Placo® Activ'Air® plate, purify the air in the rooms! Placo® Activ'Air® BA 13 is a plasterboard which improves the air quality interior by eliminating up to 80% of the main pollutants (VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds, family of aldehydes). It is used in partitions, linings and ceilings, in all rooms of the house. It is recommended for bedrooms and especially for children. Easily recognizable by its white color, 100% recyclable, it is compatible with all porous finishes (paints, wallpapers). The Activ'Air® technology has been proven by tests carried out by the independent laboratories Eurofins and CSTB and remains effective for at least 50 years. Activ'Air® is an exclusive Placoplatre technology. Find your solution Placo® for every room in the house on With the blue plate Placo® Phonic , halve the noise coming from the living room! Recognizable by its blue color, Placo® Phonic plasterboard cuts noise in half from one room to another compared to a standard sheet work. It is its core of high density plate which allows it to dampen the noises and thus clearly improve the acoustic comfort of a home. In living rooms such as the living room, the plate Placo® Phonic limits the propagation of noise in order to preserve the tranquility of everyone in the home. Easy to install, this acoustic plasterboard can be applied to partitions, ceilings and frame linings, both new and under renovation. For more information, visit The Placo® Phonique acoustic underlay, an ultra thin solution to improve sound insulation between your rooms ! The Placo® Phonique acoustic underlayment is a ready-to-use solution intended to dampen the propagation of vibrations and thus improve 'soundproofing between two rooms. Associated with the Placo® Phonic plate, it represents a thin solution, ideal for small spaces. The acoustic underlay is very easily applied to the Placo® Phonique sheet using the comb provided. Then simply screw the plates onto the existing walls or partitions *. * The system is suitable for hollow and radiant walls (honeycomb partition, plasterboard, bricks, plaster tile) but is not suitable for concrete or concrete walls To see the installation video of the Placo® Phonic acoustic underlay, Go to