A coffee table that combines concrete trend and nature style

A coffee table that combines concrete trend and nature style

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The loft spirit floats in the air. The spirit "back to natural" too. So much so that the Rendez vous déco retail site has completed its concrete collection with a whole new piece combining industrial and natural styles: a coffee table solid like concrete on which flowers and green plants are grown. In search of unusual decor, read on!

New Green

Green is the name given to the new coffee table from Rendez vous déco. A title well chosen since it is equipped, in its center, over the entire length, with a metal tray where you can plant grass or flowers! This seems to illustrate the tradition of big cities to plant green squares in the middle of concrete. A new breath for bitumen color design! Note that this green choice can be replaced by sand for those who prefer to prolong the seaside atmosphere, or by candles for evenings with lovers, family or friends.

An urban novelty

If it takes a little natural side, the Green coffee table does not get rid of the "loft" look. Minimalist design, clean lines, mineral color, raw, heavy, solid and imposing structure: the concrete trend remains its main strength of character. For lovers of urban and industrial atmospheres, this is what will enhance your decor in style! Why not, other pieces of furniture (table, chair, tv stand, lamp, storage cube, etc.) from the 100% concrete collection at Rendez vous déco. For more information, go to the website: www.rendezvousdeco.com