Video: take care of a palm tree with some leaves drying out

Video: take care of a palm tree with some leaves drying out

Thanks to the advice of experts from the Plant Clinic, understand the diseases of your flowers and learn how to treat them. Today, it is a palm tree which is subjected to Jean-Louis Leca, after drying of the leaves of its base. Follow his analysis and recommendations on video!

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Auscultation and diagnosis

The plant presented by the user is a Phoenix canariensis, a very common species of palm that can be found along the French Riviera for example. Like his colleagues, he needs good sunshine to develop, without forgetting regular watering and quality drainage. A priori, the gardener respects these conditions, but the leaves at the base of the palm have started to turn yellow and dry out. In reality, this palm tree is in great shape. Indeed, the life cycle of the Phoenix canariensis includes a natural renewal of the leaves. The old ones are thus abandoned and end up dying. But they do not in any way reflect a sign of fatigue or disease of the plant.

Some recommendations

To make the palm more aesthetic, it is possible to get rid of the desiccated leaves by cutting them. The rest of the maintenance comes down to good exposure to the sun, watering without excess and good drainage. By following these few instructions, the palm tree will do wonderfully! You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic! Also find out how to take care of a dwarf palm whose leaves turn yellow.