The shelves see life in color!

The shelves see life in color!

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There are at least two reasons which explain why we currently want a world of colors: firstly, it is the desire for pep's intimately linked to the summer season, secondly, the color in our interiors is in fashion ! But the color in the house is sometimes risky because it is difficult to stage. Instead of smearing your walls with a result on the expected effect not guaranteed, bet instead on decorative items, and better still, on your furniture. To play with color, we put everything on the shelves!

Flashy shelves

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, the option of keeping your walls clear remains a safe choice. So your colored shelves will really stand out and it is thanks to them that you can play with color associations. For those of you who like "total looks", choose flashy colors and disseminate them throughout your living room! Prefer shelves on legs and wall without bottom that will really play the contrasts with the white wall. Prefer shelves with lacquered finishes, they will be shiny and will reflect light to give very intense colors! Gray tones associated with bright red will give a rather industrial style, orange tones associated with apple green will produce a more pop atmosphere, the blues will play with the cooler atmospheres, ocean and seaside, very pleasant during the holidays ...

More discreet shelves

For those of you who prefer to play with color more discreetly, simple small wall shelves will suffice to bring color into your interior. Regarding your shelves on legs, opt rather for those whose outer walls are white (or wood color) and whose partitions and inner walls only, are colored. Today, the designers offer you the possibility of finding colorful shelves whatever your tastes, so it's up to you to see which colors you would like to favor!


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