Alternative student accommodation

Alternative student accommodation

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Finding accommodation is an often complex step for students, given their budget but also the shortage that affects student accommodation. This is why the alternatives are constantly developing. Update on these new types of accommodation.

Student accommodation on the farm

Since 2005, farmers have come together to create the Campus Vert association. It offers furnished rentals on the farm, from studios to Type 3. Twenty-eight cities are affected by this initiative, distributed in three regions: the North, Picardy and Brittany. The student lives in peace and in full nature for an attractive rent: from 230 to 330 € euros monthly. By taking advantage of unused parts on their farm, farmers can increase their income. However, the distance usually requires the student to be motorized.

Student accommodation at the campsite

Some campsites open throughout the year can accommodate students. They then rent a bungalow or a mobile home which gives them a small space with all the necessary comfort.

Student accommodation with an elderly person

In recent years, we have seen the appearance of a whole new formula: intergenerational cohabitation where a student accommodates an elderly person. This is often a single person and one or more rooms are unoccupied. The student is accommodated free of charge or for a small fee. In return, he agrees to provide a few menu services, for example, and / or to spend some time with his owner. The student benefits from a furnished room and shares certain rooms with his landlady. This system is generally supervised by specific associations which deal with networking and the contract. A charter must be respected for a harmonious cohabitation. And in the event of a problem, a mediator can intervene.

Student social housing

Students eligible for social criteria can apply for social housing in an HLM residence. The rent is then low (between 100 and 350 € approximately) but the accommodation is generally located on the outskirts, that is to say quite far from the city center.

Student accommodation in containers

The first student accommodation in containers was created in Le Havre in September 2010 where a real student residence was created. These atypical accommodations come from the Netherlands. It is an economical, quick and easy to build solution. Each container apartment is 28 m², is furnished, equipped and connected to the Internet for less than € 280 per month.

Rehabilitated places for students

There are still many atypical student accommodation solutions. The rehabilitation of places intended for anything else is one example. This is the case of Lourcine barracks, in the heart of Paris, which will be rehabilitated to fit out student rooms and studios.