Exotic patterns in decoration

Exotic patterns in decoration

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Tired of solid colors and uniform colors? Take advantage of the summer to try the adventure of a more assertive style thanks to a decoration from elsewhere. The best way to travel while staying at home is to immediately adopt exotic patterns, whether they come from Africa, Asia or the Americas.

Africa side

In North Africa, you let yourself be enchanted by the oriental style. At Decoclico, several light fixtures with chiseled patterns (between 45 and 215 €) will give your interior an atmosphere of a thousand and one nights. For black Africa, we are inspired by the savannah and animal theme with the panther imitation carpet from Tati (€ 12.99) or the Jungle Strings door curtain from Amazon (€ 18) which immerses us in the heart of a luxurious vegetation.

Asia side

In Asia, we get carried away by the patterns that make us travel to India. Antik Batik's 2012 summer collection for La Redoute thrills us. You can choose between the cushion cover with its large printed flowers and its tassels (€ 19.90) or the patchwork printed quilt (€ 69.93). For animal motifs, we like the elephant painted by hand as a decorative object from Siléa (24 €).

Americas side

Very trendy this year, Navajo and Aztec patterns have invaded fashion and are starting to enter the decor. At Urban Outfiters, the Indian pattern bedspread can cover a bed, chair or sofa and can even be hung on the wall (46 €). At Ixeoline, we love the navajo wool carpet (€ 34.90) with its very current herringbone patterns.