4 dishes trends that have style

4 dishes trends that have style

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Scoop. Between graphic patterns, vintage spirit, fruity decor and sober and elegant colors, here are 4 new tableware trends to adopt urgently. For a table decoration in tune with the times, opt for porcelain or glazed stoneware pieces, with mat, shiny or lacquered finishes. There is something for everyone, so follow the guide!

Graphic collection with geometric patterns

Opt for a graphic touch with the eponymous collection, ultra trendy with its checkered patterns. Let yourself be seduced by these porcelain mugs all dressed in black and white. Their clean lines, coupled with very design handles, will have a great effect in a contemporary table decor.

The Frutti Collection makes your mouth water

Greedy ! This is a collection that is sure to make your mouth water. These pretty porcelain dessert plates offer a completely charming and delicious decor. Apples and pears blend subtly with beautiful red and white colors, all enhanced with a few hints of gray. With Frutti, we go back to childhood for a meal!

Khao collection in pastel shades

With the collection of Khao enameled stoneware dessert plates, set a table full of charm in pastel colors and be trendy. Between water green and white, fall in love with patterns that are both simple and graphic at will. The Khao collection is perfectly integrated into a Scandinavian style interior and table decoration.

Original collection with raw design

Dessert plate in stoneware, iced chocolate color and varnish finish are on the program of the Originel collection. Motive side? At first glance rather raw, when you get closer, you can see a multitude of small delicate features that create the illusion. Because, with a little imagination, each plate is like the iris of a bright eye. In short, a hypnotic motif! Rest assured, all collections are dishwasher and microwave resistant.

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