In the office of… Edouard Renevier, commercial director of Sarah Lavoine

In the office of… Edouard Renevier, commercial director of Sarah Lavoine

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Coming from a completely different world than that of decoration, Edouard Renevier nevertheless feels like a fish in water. It was a meeting with Sarah Lavoine that changed the course of her existence and he congratulates himself every day on having met this woman he admires. In charge of the commercial direction of his company, he is his first fan. From design to interior design studio, including the Parisian boutique, he develops the brand and manages an enthusiastic team. In his office, as big as a pocket handkerchief, Edouard Renevier brought two or three very personal things. Very little, but these little touches provide information about his tastes and his way of seeing life. There are for example objects that remind him of good times, friends, or simply the talent of his favorite artists. We spot them, without having to look. Scattered on a long wooden counter, they break the rhythm of filing cabinets and files. And Edouard Renevier likes to tell how they got there. The portrait of the singer of the Sex pistols by Jef Aérosol set the tone. Parisians who walk the rue Biot, or those for whom Street Art is an art in its own right, would immediately recognize the artist's work. Placed on a black background, right next to the trio of candles by Sarah Lavoine, the image is almost "decorative", unwittingly, like a little bit of urban expression. Buying a painting of a movement that claims to be ephemeral may seem strange. But the singer is painted on simple cardboard. A paradox that pleases this atypical collector delighted to explain to you with a laugh that the work in question will not last for centuries. "It is not even framed, completely raw," he specifies.
Portrait of the singer of the Sex pistols by Jef Aérosol. Photo credit: DR Partisan of fluid human relationships, and rather gifted at establishing them, Edouard Renevier seems to have found his professional nest. "Sarah is a very hard worker, which suits me perfectly but she is also someone who is very pleasant to work with. She trusts and wants to develop." The conditions for a good understanding are there. He is therefore very proud to announce upcoming partnerships with the boutiques of major provincial cities (Bordeaux and Nantes to begin with). "Building new relationships is easy. I love our products." We understood, especially as his favorite of the moment, a mirror available in several versions, occupies a beautiful space of his office. Made of metal, lacquered in bold colors (yellow, red or black), this slightly crazy model is made in France by a craftsman.
Sarah Lavoine mirrors. Photo credit: DR Another aspect of his job that he enjoys. "Almost the entire collection is made in Europe, half of which is in France." He likes to say. The know-how and the gesture have always impressed him. On a shelf, a stone statuette by sculptor Hugues Morin attracts attention. Edouard Renevier likes to have it in front of him. It seems to belong to the First Arts, and yet its author is a sculptor today, based near Arcachon, and whom he has been following for ten years.
Stone statuette of the sculptor Hugues Morin. Photo credit: DR The other object which it is impossible to miss in this office is also a sculpture, but in wood. Burnt wood to be exact. It is the work of Yahïa Ouled Moussa , his friend, a sculptor in his spare time and owner of a wine bar - Le Beau Serge -, in the Batignolles district. They have known each other for some time, each having changed their life, but Edouard Renevier is a faithful. A quality that he claims in private and in the professional field.
Sculpture by Yahïa Ouled Moussa. Photo credit: DR Growing a company, installing a brand requires empathy with the person who is at the origin of it. This is what allows us to move forward and at Sarah Lavoine we move forward. The proof, the Parisian architecture agency has just had a little sister. In Morocco this time. And an establishment in New York, via Bernardaud, is being done. Beautiful projects in progress, others in preparation, this is something to satisfy this hyperactive man, who nevertheless takes the time to indulge in another of his passions, comics. He does not like to call it that and speaks of a graphic novel. To persuade you, he released one of his favorite albums, Tian's Hare Year . But today, he has changed his pace and reads much less than at one time. Business forces. But it is without regret.
The year of the hare, of Tian. Photo credit: DR


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