My tea towels are decoration!

My tea towels are decoration!

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What if your tea towels become strong accessories in the decoration of your kitchen? This is what we suggest you dare but for that, you need the right dish towels and the right decor ideas. Rest assured, we know how to make the textile sublime your kitchen.

Which decorative tea towels to choose?

So that your tea towels become decorative accessories, we put aside the old tea towels or the recovered fabrics to offer real decorative models. You may not know it, but the brands have made real efforts to offer models so beautiful that we hesitate to wipe the dishes! We fall for example for the Ferm Living models and their decorative diamonds or those of the 3 Swiss who adopt gourmet patterns. The key to a decorative tea towel? A graphic motif or a figurative motif which gives it style. Think about the decorative theme of your kitchen before making your choice. For example, a simple checkered dish towel will be perfect in a bistro kitchen!

How to make your tea towels decorative items?

And for your tea towels to transform into decorative objects, you will not have to leave them in your drawers. On the contrary ! The tea towels are exposed in the kitchen. There are several possibilities for this. The easiest way is to install hooks or small hooks on a wall to play the accumulation of cloths. If you want to display a nice pattern, stretch a thread on the wall and pin the cloth as if it should dry. Finally, why not install your tea towels under a frame to make a wall decoration for your kitchen? Then buy the models in duplicate: one under frame and one for the dishes! Our practical kitchen decoration videos