Jean-Luc Ferrand's advice for a cocooning interior

Jean-Luc Ferrand's advice for a cocooning interior

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Jean-Luc Ferrand, antique dealer and interior decorator installed at the Biron market for more than 20 years, gives his advice for cocooning in his interior while waiting for spring and gives us some keys in his favorite field: antiques.

Tell us about your background

I was a student at the Met school in Penninghen, at ICART and at the faculty of Nanterre. I am an antique dealer and installed at the Biron market since 1990. I naturally turned to decoration, because people asked me and because I flourish in this way.

How do you explain the urge to cocoon?

We live in a period when the world has become very small with the internet and the ease of traveling to the other side of the world. In short, information flows easily and quickly. Information but also fashions, styles, manners. Our universe is constantly stirred. I think that this desire to "cocoon" meets a deep need. It is the natural reaction to this fantastic opening of our world. We and our senses are constantly solicited, tossed about, stirred up by a multitude of information. And we need, and it even becomes day by day a necessity, a protective, personal bubble where we can recharge our batteries. A decompression airlock. This translates into the desire for an interior that follows this idea.

How should you proceed to decorate your interior accordingly?

We must feed on the eclecticism of the environment in order to create a living space that resembles us. This is why we listen to our customers a lot, we play the role of translator so that at the end the result is in their image, according to their desires.

You specialize in antiques, this type of object is it for everyone?

This type of object is for everyone, but does not charm everyone. These are objects belonging to history that are reused. Like a kind of recycling. We give them a second life. The history of the objects in the shop comes from several cultures: from France, England, China, Japan, Africa and therefore common to a large number of people. After there are people who will be more or less sensitive to acquire such an object. Without having to be passionate about history, it is a question of sensitivity. The object by itself is ready to be inserted in any environment, we advocate the mix of genres and styles, it remains to be seen who will be charmed, attracted and will choose it for its interior.

What is your advice for buying antiques?

Try to follow your desires and favorites. You have to mix styles, materials, eras. Put some gold in your life. This magic and sensual material has always fascinated men. It will bring cheerfulness, warmth and refinement to your interior