Ephemeral decoration at low cost

Ephemeral decoration at low cost

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There are plenty of opportunities to party, but for it to be successful, don't forget to decorate the house to put your guests in the mood. How do you keep it from costing you a fortune? The editorial team has the solution! So for an ephemeral decoration at a low price, follow the guide…

Paper, your ally

For an ephemeral decoration at a low price, you can count on paper because this inexpensive material will do wonders in terms of decoration. You will be able to equip yourself with Chinese balls, lanterns and garlands and even confetti for less than 5 euros in stores dedicated to the party. Some specialized sites also offer many paper decorations that are not lacking in style. At the editorial office, we love www.mylittleday.fr and its many decorative accessories but also its dishes to transform the house and create a beautiful atmosphere. And also know that with a touch of creativity, you can easily create your own pennant garland or customize a paper pendant with masking tape!

Balloons for the festive spirit

For a festive and very playful atmosphere, also bet on balloons! Balloons can be found everywhere at a very low price and you can then inflate a good number of them and put them on the ground. More chic, you can also bet on helium balloons that will give a light atmosphere to your interior. There are pretty colorful models, others in the shape of a heart and even some with numbers and letters to write your festive messages! Our decoration tip: slide a few colorful confetti into a transparent balloon for an even more fun balloon!