3 decorative patterns to announce spring in the bedroom

3 decorative patterns to announce spring in the bedroom

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Spring is not yet here and yet, it is already inviting in the decor of the room. Wildflowers, butterflies or even chirping little birds seize the wallpaper and bed linen. Here are some tips to install them without lack of taste in the room.

A flight of butterflies

To bring a bucolic touch to the room, we dare the butterfly motif in all its forms. We adopt it as a cushion, as a bedside lamp and even in small storage boxes with designs rather in pastel shades. To avoid overloading the decor, remember to combine them with solid colors like white or pale pink. You can also choose the wallpaper option. Placed at the head of the bed, it will create a flight of butterflies full of poetry.

Small field flowers

Freshening up the bedroom as spring approaches also requires the adoption of floral prints. We hang without hesitation on the wall a wild flowers style wallpaper which brings a very English cottage look. On the contrary, with sober walls, it is on the bed linen that we put with pretty prints of pink or purple flowers.


Very trendy this season, birds also find their place in a room with a spring atmosphere. To create an original headboard, we opt for example for a pretty sticker that takes the entire length of the bed. Black pattern for a sober side or colored to bring a touch of cheerfulness, there are many that adapt to all your desires. Our practical bedroom decor videos