Video: create a personalized name tag

Video: create a personalized name tag

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Specialist in creative paper leisure, Marianne Ducret bends over backwards to offer you a very original personalized name tag. In a few well placed folds, you will get a new creation!

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Create a name tag: step by step

To successfully succeed Marianne's name tag, you need patience and thoroughness. Take a 15 x 15 cm sheet of paper of the color you want. Fold in length then in squares, to form the folds that you will use later. Open your sheet in a rectangle, and use the marked folds to form a triangle on both sides. You get two superimposed triangles. Turn all the angles on all sides, then turn all the points inward. You will thus obtain small angles separated at the top, which must be turned over on themselves and inserted into the folds. The operation is a little difficult, but do not hesitate to force a little, it keeps the final creation.

Create a name tag: the final surprise

If all of the previous steps have been completed successfully, you will get a very small pile of folded paper. On each side, you will find a small hole on one of the points: blow in it. After all these efforts, you finally discover the end result: a nice little ball! All you have to do is write the name of your guest on the pen. Do not hurry during the different steps, you will have more chances of obtaining the desired result. Marianne Ducret is definitely the queen of paper! Watch the video Create a personalized name tag on Produced by Minute Facile.