3 decorative destinations for the teenage bedroom

3 decorative destinations for the teenage bedroom

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For the teenage bedroom, we leave aside childish themes in favor of a more trendy atmosphere. And know that the trip inspires teens and that it can be a good starting point for the decoration of their room. Here are 3 decorative destinations that make them dream.

The unbeatable New York

In the decor, the city of New York wins all the votes and especially among teens who appreciate the loft spirit that emerges from the big apple. Concretely, in their room this translates into sublime views of skyscrapers whether in paintings or trompe l'oeil wallpaper. In terms of colors, we are moving towards gray, red and yellow for an urban atmosphere that will remind us of the city that never sleeps. For who ? An ideal decor for teens captivated by the American series!

The quirky spirit of London

Our second destination takes us across the Channel to take inspiration from the English city whose appeal has never been stronger. After the Olympic Games and the Royal Baby, the city especially makes teenagers dream for its rock and quirky side. In the decor, we take all the symbols of the city with Big Ben stickers and double-decker buses. The most rocky teens will dive back into the Sex Pistols albums to find the diverted photo of the Queen. For who ? Teenagers passionate about English music groups!

The exoticism of Rio de Janeiro

In 2016, Rio will host the Olympic Games and in the meantime, we will already be able to discover the Football World Cup in Brazil in 2014. In other words, all the spotlight is on this country whose exoticism is sure to make teens dream . In the decoration, we adopt the bright colors of the flag with green and yellow which are installed in the decorative accessories but also why not on a wall. For who ? Teenagers who love sports and who will be watching their TV during the events. Our practical decoration recovery videos


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