Meeting with two talents of Decorative Arts

Meeting with two talents of Decorative Arts

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Cendrine Dominguez's favorites during the Bemz Design Award competition, where she officiated as a jury, Anna Saint Pierre and Sarah Martinis opened the doors of the National School of Decorative Arts to present their work to us. Two talents of tomorrow to discover on.

You both participated in the Bemz Design Award, what were your inspirations?

Anna Saint Pierre: I was inspired by what are called domestic hobbies, such as embroidery. It is a recurring subject in my work where I revisit the traditional French aspect by implanting it in a more contemporary universe quite "street". Sarah Martinis: I am particularly influenced by the animal and natural world that is why we find elements of the equestrian universe as well as birds in my motif. Before Ensad, I went through the Fine Arts which offered me a very figurative influence as evidenced by the drawn aspect of my motif.

How did you work for the creation of your motif?

Anna Saint Pierre: I made embroideries and I recovered others to use it as a stencil. I placed the different textiles on the surface and I curved them to get the street art effect. I like to work with textiles in its material and offer unexpected work. Sarah Martinis: For me the work is different because my pattern is made by hand. I harvested images of inspiration like collages by Max Ernst because I like unreal and surreal images. I then composed the pattern of several modules then assembled by computer so that the whole is fluid.

Photo credit: Bemz

For you, what is the specificity of a textile for furniture?

Anna Saint Pierre: I don't think there is any specificity but the furnishing textile is important to me because it can be given character. Sarah Martinis: Basically, I am more oriented towards clothing but I think that the upholstery textile has a pattern visually with a particular scale and that we can dare everything. I like the idea of ​​furnishing textiles because where fashion goes, thinking about the choice of furniture is more sustainable. In my opinion, this gives a more sincere approach.

Photo credit: Bemz

What's next for you two?

Anna Saint Pierre: I am continuing my 3rd year of classes and in parallel, I am working on my collective project "Les Deuz Bro", where we are investing in the street by embroidering on the grids and tarpaulins of the urban space. You can find our interventions on the Facebook page Sarah Martinis: For my part, I continue my 4th year at Ensad and I look forward to the results of the Bemz competition. I also invite you to vote for me on the page // before February 28, 2014!

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