Which stove to choose?

Which stove to choose?

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Answer: induction hobs for their reactivity and safety, gas or electric stoves for their price.

There are many types of cookers: gas cookers, induction hobs, electric cookers (cast iron or ceramic hobs). Gas and ceramic hobs offer exactly the same heat capacity: the choice you make between the two will be more aesthetic than functional. Note only that, unlike gas stoves, ceramic hobs do not allow you to cook simmered dishes. Induction is the preferred system for cooks because it allows you to change the temperature of the plate almost instantly. It is also very economical (the heat is only diffused in the container), and its safety is maximum. Only downside: its cost a little high. Some options may be useful to you, depending on the use you will make of your stove: the cold door option (which keeps the heat inside the oven, useful to avoid getting burned), the programmers and the timers , the gas cutter option… Our practical kitchen decoration videos


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