Houlès or house jewelry

Houlès or house jewelry

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Houlès, a family business, has specialized in the creation and distribution of trimmings and fabrics since 1928. Today renowned worldwide, it is one of all the major events related to decoration, whether in Paris, in London, Milan or Munich and Moscow. The label has built its reputation on an undeniable know-how and the excellence of its collections. These were able to meet the requirements and adapt to successive trends.

Birth of a brand

It was in 1928 that Felix Houlès and his son André - trained at the Boulle school - opened in Paris, a stone's throw from Faubourg Saint-Antoine, a small company distributing supplies for upholsterers, interior designers and other decorators. . It will not be long before this small family business, located in the heart of the historic area of ​​upholsterer artisans, takes off and adds other strings to its bow such as the creation of trimmings collections and their edition. Thanks to exceptional know-how and the passion of its founders, La Maison Houlès will continue to confirm its position as world leader. After almost nine decades of existence, it remains essential both for trimmings and furnishing fabrics as for rods and supplies intended for upholsterers.

Houlès today

Still based on rue Saint-Nicolas in Paris, Houlès is now headed by a new President: Philippe Houlès, son of André and grandson of Félix. The reputation of the brand is at the height of the quality of its services and its collections with exceptional finishes: the company is present in more than one hundred and sixty countries. It has subsidiaries in Europe but also on other continents and has opened showrooms in Paris and New York. There are already plans to open a showroom in Dubai. Today, Houlès is on everyone's lips, and supplies individuals and professionals. Admired for its excellence, it is constantly called upon to accessorize and decorate prestigious places such as presidential residences or historic monuments such as the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow or the Palace of Versailles.

Openness to trends

As its archives prove, some of which are very old, the house of Houlès has been able to respond to trends without fail, and to create high-end collections to the rhythm of different trends in the field of decoration, from the 17th century damask from the Baroque period. Venetian with very contemporary evocations. It is with the same passion that for almost a century the Houlès company has given birth to exceptional fabrics for seats, wall hangings, curtains. Faux unis, jacquard, acanthus leaf, chevrons, prints and colors are available with rare subtlety. Silk, velvet, woolen cloth, silk taffeta, damask and other materials are of exceptional quality and contribute to comfort. From the bedroom to the boudoir, from the library to the office, from the living room to the dining room, the Houlès trimmings add a touch of elegance to the interior architecture. It is undeniable that the Houlès house carries the art of French living high. Our practical table decoration videos