Interview with Florence Bourel, artistic co-director Toulemonde Bochart

Interview with Florence Bourel, artistic co-director Toulemonde Bochart

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Designer Florence Bourel has just been appointed artistic co-director of the Toulemonde Bochart brand. The opportunity to go back on his journey and ask him for some advice.

Tell us about your background

After training in France (Penninghen, LISAA), then in Italy (European Design Institute) and some collaborations with agencies, I took up freelance status in 1998. I like to mix influences and disciplines. I explore different areas of creation with a transversal approach to design: graphics, packaging, signage, scenography, interior architecture, furniture, etc. For the past few years, I have devoted myself fully to the creation of furniture and objects for publishers (Ligne Roset, Désio, Kilims Ada, Le Monde Sauvage or Hermès) or for galleries such as the Granville Gallery. The creation of my first rugs for Toulemonde Bochart in 2012 gave birth to a real passion for the world of rugs. And it is therefore with great enthusiasm that I approach this new collaboration as artistic co-director of Toulemonde Bochart.

How is the creation of a carpet?

I begin my creation process with graphic and iconographic research in order to define one or more universes in which I want to evolve. It is only after having soaked up a theme that I start the work of drawing and color. I then submit my models to Anne Sebaoun - the development director of TB- with whom we discuss the materials and manufacturing techniques and the choice of wool colors. Then begins the realization of tests and / or prototypes, which can last several months (the Baya for example required 2 years of work, rejected tests, qualities tested before arriving at the carpet that we saw) .

What are your inspirations?

With the carpet, I can dare the color and express my taste for graphics and the work of the material, it is an almost infinite source of creation. I like to reinterpret in a contemporary way the ancestral work of the artisans of the world, as for the Baya and Raja carpets with textiles from India. I am also inspired by the great themes of the history of the Decorative Arts (the William carpet for example is a nod to the ARTS AND CRAFT movement and to William Morris). It is from traditional Chinese documents and revisited Persian ceramics that I composed my graphic atlas for the Ispahan and Ming rugs.

What advice would you give to choose the right carpet?

The choice of its carpet is made according to its tastes and its interior. You can opt for a carpet with a very strong pattern in a neutral interior. The carpet then becomes a real exceptional piece in the room, like a painting or a work of art. With a loaded decoration, opt instead for a plain carpet or with sober patterns very tone on tone. The carpet can also define a space (a living or dining area), give character to an interior or make it warmer.

What is your favorite model at Toulemonde Bochart?

Difficult to choose ... he has a lot of models that I like! My favorites: in a 1950s spirit, the Rezo rug by Frédéric Ruyant; for its very graphic and elegant side, the Écailles carpet by Emmanuel Gallina and of course my Baya and Ming carpets for their gaiety and their irradiating colors.


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