A decor inspired by the "House of cards" series

A decor inspired by the "House of cards" series

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House of Cards is the story of Franck Underwood, a cunning politician from Washington, ready to do anything to conquer the coveted position of President of the United States. Very straddling his outfits, which are always perfect, he is equally so in his interior, which turns out to be neat and very elegant.

Style and colors

To stick to the realization that plays on dark colors, the decor of the living room also puts on dark furniture and accessories. Large black sideboards, heavy brown curtains and a brown wooden console table furnish the room with a lot of chic. Very classic but no less contemporary, the decor is embellished with lighter touches so as not to weigh down the living room. So bet on a glass coffee table accessorized with a few terracotta pots. A beige striped fabric sofa gives it a very sophisticated touch with its silk look.

Coatings and accessories

On the wall we combine the dark side with a black paneling that covers the lower part of the wall and the light side with beige wallpaper on the upper part. We accentuate the cozy touch with a thick carpet in sand tones. To create a very intimate atmosphere, bet as in the series on a multitude of small lamps placed everywhere in the room. It's your turn to recreate a very elegant living room at home, like that of Mr. Underwood. Here are some objects to adopt for your decor. Our practical salon decoration videos