Make a vintage stool

Make a vintage stool

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This week, the D&CO team shows you how to make a vintage stool. Demonstration in pictures. For this workshop, you will need: - an old recovered stool, - a vinyl, - a medium board, - steel wool, - paint of your choice, - neoprene glue. 01 - To make a vintage stool, start by unscrewing the seat of your stool. 02 - With vinyl, draw a circle on a medium board. 03 - Cut out your medium board following the layout. 04 - Use sandpaper to make up for imperfections and soften the edges, and steel wool to revive the color of the metal feet. 05 - Paint the edge in black and attach the steel feet to your medium board. 06 - Apply neoprene glue to the vinyl and to the piece of medium. 07 - For 35 €, you will have made a vintage stool which can also be used as a bedside table


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