Video: protect your objects from rust

Video: protect your objects from rust

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Do you want to install a gate outside, but are you afraid of seeing the different parts rust? Have you just stripped a rusty metal part and would now like to protect it against rust? Follow the advice of Laid Azzi, an expert at Papa bricole, to protect your various objects from rust.

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Apply anti-rust paint

To protect your metal objects from rust, there is a simple solution: anti-rust paint. This paint can be purchased in all large DIY stores and is available in different colors, to be able to adapt to all your needs. To protect your parts from rust, apply a coat of anti-rust paint over the entire surface of the object. Do not hesitate to apply a second coat of paint when the first coat has dried. When the two layers are dry, your object can be installed outside without fear of rust.

Why protect an object from rust?

When an object is rusted, it is very difficult to disassemble or unscrew it. It must then be stripped, then painted by applying several layers, which is laborious work. Anti-rust paint effectively protects metal parts and can be applied to all kinds of metal objects intended to be exposed outside, such as gates, grilles or shutters. By following the advice of Laid Azzi, you will keep all your metal exterior installations in good condition. Watch the Anti-rust: protect against rust video on Produced by Minute Facile.