How to clean non-slip tiles?

How to clean non-slip tiles?

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Answer: mix bleach and salt and scrape the tiles.

This type of tile is difficult to clean. To effectively clean non-slip tiles, here is the method to follow: use bleach, and add salt to the wash water. Use this mixture as cleaning water. The salt will settle on the entire surface of the tiles. Thus, the fibers which will be attached to the non-slip pins will be more easily dislodged. It only remains to scrape your tiles a little to remove encrusted dirt. If this tip does not get rid of your non-slip tiles, you should know that the use of a steam cleaner is an excellent solution to clean this type of tile. The steam makes it possible to take off and move the dirt. All you have to do is remove everything with a squeegee, or simply mop your tiles. This solution is less economical than the first, but it is radical and very effective!

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